Every generation has its own iteration of the zine. From the punks of the 70s, to HP Lovecraft's self-published short stories, from the Riot Grrls of the 90s to the founding fathers of the United States. The terminology has evolved over time, but the idea that anyone with passion and drive can create and distribute their writing has always been at the forefront of history.

Whether they were capturing the voice of an unheard demographic or trying to understand the natural order of the universe, many great works have started with just a few people and a printer.

Below are the contributions from some of our Furious Reader's to the rich history of the medium.

The Furious Reader's Line

Pocket-sized primers for all the Furious Readers out there. A starting point for those looking to become a more active participant in the works they choose to read.


Musings on a theme, MuZines celebrate the art of inspiration, the fun of turning over an idea, the joys of creating.