Chocolate Brown Satin Hot Pants And Other Artifacts

Poems and illustrations by
Bernadette Karpa

Bernadette Karpa’s latest collection, Chocolate Brown Satin Hot Pants and Other Artifacts, invites readers to empty their pockets and put it all on the table. Serving as an archivist for her own work, Karpa explores the emotional connections tied to our physical spaces. Whether she’s collecting buttons, unraveling Mary Jane wrappers, or contemplating second hand clothing, Bernadette Karpa reminds us that while past objects are part of our histories, they do not need to define us.

Featuring new illustrations, Bernadette Karpa invites us to consider the intimate magic of chocolate brown satin hot pants...and other artifacts.

Price: $12.99
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Distributed by: Ingram*

In stores April 10th!

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