Monday, June 9, 2014

Why We Still Need Summer Reading

Happy Summer, Furious Readers!  We have so much planned for the summer and the months that will follow, but reading is always our first goal for the summer.

I've always loved the idea of summer reading lists - as you all know, I think it is important for anyone, from students to adults to lifelong learners, to read daily.  However, there is something about the potential of a summer reading list:  getting to those books you've wanted to read, but never having the time during those cold winter months.  And now, the summer is stretched out before you...and the possibilities are endless.   This sounds wonderful, but it can also be very overwhelming which is why I look to summer reading lists to help me out.

This summer, Read Furiously would like to introduce you to two books a week in the hopes that you will add them to your summer reading list.  Of course, you can find great titles always posted to our blog, but these titles are chosen specifically for each summer month.  As Furious Readers, you know that each book contains a small world of personality and (like a good mix tape) these personalities need to be read in perfect timing.

If you haven't had a summer reading list since high school, make one this summer!  Explore your local library, those books you haven't read on your bookcases, or even ask a friend or two.  You don't have to read all of the books on your summer reading list, but even a good book or two (or three or four) will make your summer that much sweeter.

The directions are simple:  Grab some ice cold lemonade/sweet tea and a piece of shortbread from the cookie jar.  Kick back in your lounge chair/beach chair/beach towel/picnic blanket.  Open your book, and begin the summer.  Finish book. Repeat.

I'm excited to share our book choices for the summer months.  As always: read well, read often, and read furiously.

Here's to summer!

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