Thursday, May 1, 2014

Looking Back at the The Rosemont Book Festival

The Read Furiously table, complete with Furious Reader's tea, our books, and the I, Read Furiously Charity bracelets.
I'm not the first one to say this and I surely won't be the last, but writing can be a very solitary endeavor. We sit alone with our notebooks or laptops and fill pages upon pages with stories. We create these worlds from our imaginations all the while the real one continues on without us.

But that's exactly why it's so great to have events like the Rosemont Book Festival. They're the moments that remind us, as solitary an act as writing can be, reading is anything but.

This past weekend Read Furiously was lucky enough to have a table at the festival, and there amidst the picturesque campus of Rosemont College, we were reminded just how easily reading brings us all together. It was one of those moments that took us away from our keyboards and we let us share in the collective joy of the written word. We spent hours with people, talking and laughing over the shared experience of a good (and even a bad) book. We got to connect with other creators whose passion for the medium rivaled our own. It was an all together inspiring weekend that helped energize us for the next marathon of days and weeks spent writing.

So to the Book Club members, the Publishing majors, the volunteers, the faculty members, the creators, the anime fans, and all the Furious Readers we had the privilege of meeting, we want to say thank you. A large part of our mission with Read Furiously is to promote a love of reading and a healthy relationship with books. The Rosemont Book Festival was a shining example of the good that come from it, just how easily reading can turn strangers into friends. And it reminded us why those solitary hours spent writing are so important. It's because they aren't solitary at all.

Till next time, Rosemont, we hope you all continue to Read Friously. We'll see you soon.

The view from our table. Rosemont is pretty much
a mini version of Hogwarts.

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