Thursday, January 9, 2014

Plays with Words and Letters

It was about four years ago that I ordered my first set of real business cards. A few of my short stories had been published in different anthologies, and it seemed that I needed to start playing the part of a professional (even if the title was a bit premature).  So I laid out my my name, contact information, added some sketches from my more memorable stories, but there was something missing. I couldn't put Comic Creator, since my lack of artistic abilities will forever leave me being at best one-third of a Comic Creator.  And while I suppose I could have put Comic Writer on there, that somehow felt inaccurate.  I didn't want to think of myself as just someone who just wrote comics.

The problem, I eventually realized was that I wasn't looking for a title but something more definitive. Something that summarized just what it was I wanted to do whenever I sat down behind my keyboard. Whether I was writing or lettering or editing, I wanted something that captured just how much I loved the written word. So finally, after a little bit of brainstorming, I figured it out.

It sounded perfect, I wasn't just someone who worked with words, I played. I found joy in them the same way a child would in a toy.  I experimented with them just as a musician might their instruments. I played with words and letters.

And that my furious readers, is what brings me here today, so we can continue together in one of the greatest games ever - the written word.
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