Who We Are

Based out of Central New Jersey, Read Furiously began as a reading blog that soon took on a life of its own as its creators discovered that they wanted to do more than just read stories. They wanted to celebrate stories and to help bring them to life. This led Read Furiously to expand into its own independent press featuring graphic novels, prose, poetry, zines, all with a focus on high quality storytelling from a diverse cross section of creative talents.
At Read Furiously, it is the company's goal to create a new generation of readers - furious readers - who view reading as a necessary part to living in this busy world. It is their belief that reading isn't a chore or something we do to show off to others; reading is an activity that brings people together and helps us to make sense of where we come from and where we are going. Each title that Read Furiously publishes is carefully curated to reflect these values.