Until the roof lifted off

Poems and illustrations by
Carly Volpe

“Do not mind the chilly April waters.
Take off your shoes.
We are on holy ground.”

And with these words, we find our home within the pages of Until the roof lifted off. In Carly Volpe’s first collection of poetry, she calls upon the power of transformation. Whether it’s a snapshot or a sweeping narrative, each poem is a moment asking for our attention.

Until the roof lifted off reminds us that we have the gift of transforming pain into something more powerful - that we have the ability to make something new. Combined with her breathtaking and colorful illustrations, Carly Volpe shares her story with her readers to remind us of the beautiful challenge that lies in creating art.

Price: $10.99
Release Date: October 9, 2018
Distributed by: Ingram*

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Praise for Until the roof lifted off

Hands will seek out old scars,/ that’s what hands do, writes Carly Volpe. But hands do so much more in in her new book Until the roof lifted off: catch crayfish; rescue the dead body of a praying mantis, the delicate sap of her legs/sill pliant and green; trace…letters with careful fingertips/try to glean some secret piece of a brother’s notebook; in Black Forest cake batter fold in inky flecks of Madagascar vanilla; and write poems that in their courage and craft are unforgettable – perhaps because the spirited courage is inseparable from its lyric and undaunted craft, the loving and sacred attention to language and life which Carly Volpe brings to each page. In an elegy for a friend – so many of these poems are elegiac acts of honoring those cherished and grieved for – Volpe writes: “Do not mind the chilly April waters. /Take off your shoes. / We are on holy ground.”

Christopher Bursk, author of Improbable Swervings of Atoms

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