Silk City Sparrow

A collection of poems by
Eileen Moeller

A poet’s voice against a stage of stark Paterson, NJ factories, Eileen Moeller explores two lives in parallel. Within these moments of industrial cityscape, we are reminded of the everyday beauty of faith and the refuge it can offer our lives - both past and present.

Set in a straightfoward prose that urges us to keep our feet steady as we shoulder our legacies, Silk City Sparrow captures the wonderful dance that is the push and pull of memory and how it shapes the people we will one day become.

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ISBN: 978-1-7337360-7-7
Release Date: November 17, 2020
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Praise for Silk City Sparrow

In Silk City Sparrow, Eileen Daly Moeller inhabits the deeper precincts and neighborhoods of memory and stakes her claim to a city which has always been a place of contradictions, a city founded on the power of a great falls, but also on the exploitation of laborers and the struggle of many waves of immigrants. a city where poetry many not be expected, but for which poetry remains absolutely necessary ... Moeller writes with great insight and a keen sense of place, "her voice at full tilt, rain lashed and battered."
~Joseph D Weil (The Backwards Year)

With Silk City Sparrow, Eileen Moeller joins the ranks of fine poets who use beautiful and gritty Paterson, N.J., as backdrop and subject. She translates the city—and her relationships with people who live there— to portraits of human need, survival, and redemption. Williams, Mazziotti Gillan, Villar: pull an extra chair up to the table, for you have some exciting company. Silk City Sparrow is a feast and a song. Moeller knows how to make grit scintillate, how to make a reader turn a page eagerly.
~BJ Ward (Jackleg Opera)

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