Samantha Atzeni

Samantha Atzeni is a writer of prose, comics, and academic scholarship. She has a BA in Professional Writing and MA in English from The College of New Jersey. Her most recent work include the graphic novel series The MOTHER Principle, the first volume of which, MOTHER Knows Best, was released in August 2015 with the second volume, MOTHER May I, slated for release in 2019. She is a regular contributor to Read Furiously's One 'n Done series which has featured her stories Breath, The Legend of David Bradley, and the upcoming Beauty. S. Atzeni has been a writer for The Mary Sue and for Bustle. Her scholarly work has been published by the Sequart Organization, and she has been a presenter and panel chair at academic conferences throughout the East Coast. She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Read Furiously and currently teaches post-modernism, Holocaust studies, superheroes, and pop culture at The College of New Jersey.

Samantha Atzeni lives in New Jersey with her husband, comic writer Adam Wilson, their son, and their cat Alaska who has yet to become internet famous, despite their best efforts.