Our Titles

And She Does Shine

Released this April in honor of both National Poetry Month and National Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

Read Furiously is privileged to share with our readers this debut collection of poetry and original illustration from Bernadette Karpa. And She Does Shine is a masterful performance of hope, beauty, and resilience.


The MOTHER Principle

Read Furiously's first graphic novel series!

In a dystopic future, the MOTHER organization has created a group of genetically perfect soldiers, a group of young girls destined to restore the world its former glory. But after escaping from MOTHER's tyranny, the girls find themselves in a desperate struggle to survive and avoid capture. 


Brian & Bobbi

Read Furiously is happy to bring the sold out graphic novel back to print after five years!

The critically acclaimed young adult graphic novel about two teens just trying to make sense of their lives in a world filled with larger than life superheroes.


Benjamin and the Fish

Adventure is just around the corner...
Or sometimes behind the bookshelf.

Read Furiously is happy to announce their first ever children's title!

Now's your chance to join in all the excitement with this completely interactive comic book! Color the pages yourself, draw your own comic strips, and try your hands at some of the fun puzzles and games to help our heroes on their journey.


The Read Furiously One 'n Done Collection

http://www.readfuriously.com/p/the-read-furiously-one-n-done-collection.html Reading is a journey, and sometimes you need a little detour along the way. Whether it's a quick read to get you through your lunch break, or a little change of pace from whatever book you find yourself lost in, Read Furiously's One 'n Done collection features short stories, novellas, one-act plays, comic one-shorts, and anything else designed to be easily read and highly enjoyed in a single sitting.