Furious Teas

There's perhaps no better compliment to a good book than a nice cup of tea. That's why Read Furiously has teamed up with Design a Tea to offer a collection of exclusive Furious Reader's teas designed to enhance those wondrous, and most precious moments, when we can sit back, relax, and read.

The Magic Realist
Apricot and Peach Green Tea

Just as Magical Realism adds a fantastical twist to our mundane lives, this blend combines peach and apricot for a sweet twist to what is usually one of the more bitter teas.

Available in individually wrapped teabags and 10 teabag canisters.

The Sunday Reader
Chocolate and Spearmint Black Tea

Sunday is a day to rest; a day to lounge in the sun with a cup of tea and a good book. What better compliment to such a luxurious pastime than a hint of chocolate and mint to sweeten the experience.

Available in individually wrapped teabags and 10 teabag canisters.

More about Design A Tea [as stated on the official website]:

The flavorings used in our teas are all natural and 100% organic. Each is hand-blend to ensure freshness.

Design a Tea wants to believe that the working conditions, wages and benefits are fair and equitable for the growers of our teas. So we strive to deal with buyers and importers that feel the same way we do. The ETP Certification is what our supplier of fine teas has committed to: Ethical Tea Partnership is similar to the Fair Trade organization, but has a much broader scope for tea consumers since its focus is on TEA ONLY. Because tea is not a publicly traded commodity like coffee, Fair Trade is unable to penetrate many of the nuances and regional peculiariites of the tea trade. Where the ETP also differs from Fair Trade is primary focus. Fair Trade's focus is mainly on economics. The ETP is a socially and environmentally directed organization.

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