Furious Lit

Read Furiously will soon be opening submissions for the next edition of Furious Lit. The second volume's theme will be announced in the coming months, In the meantime though, be sure to check out our first volume, Tell Me A Story.

Furious Lit accepts:
→ Short stories with a length of 1,000 to 4,000 words
→ Flash Fiction up to 500 words
→ Creative nonfiction pieces with a length of 1,000 to 4,000 words
→ Comics in black and white between 5-15 pages
→ Photographic or illustrated stories in black and white between 3-8 pages
→ Poetry of 3-5 poems

Policies to know before submitting: 
Multiple Authors - If you wish to submit a piece that contains multiple authors or creators, please have one point of contact.
Reprints or simultaneous submissions will not be accepted at this time.
Factors for Acceptance - All submissions should include completed works, fully edited and as close to final publication as possible. We ask that all authors present themselves with professionalism and respect towards their writing subjects. If accepted for this anthology, we will move through the editorial process of checking for proper organization, copyediting, and proofreading. However, we are not responsible for “almost” completed works or works that need an extensive editorial oversight.
Payment and Compensation - Notices of acceptance will be sent to those pieces selected to be included in the anthology, along with a schedule of payment, and advance and royalty scheme for creators determined by their respective page percentage to the anthology. Every creator involved will receive a comp copy of the printed anthology, with the option to buy additional copies at cost.
Rights to Story - Read Furiously is only interested in previously unpublished works. The author(s) must be the sole rights owner for the work they send. If accepted in this anthology, Read Furiously retains first publication rights and authors are able to reprint the story in other publications one year after the release date of this anthology. Authors retain full creative rights to their stories. Read Furiously is not responsible for any stories whose ownership has been misrepresented, or the consequences therein.
Response time - There will be an automatic response for all submissions upon receipt. We will hold a two month reading period after the submission window has closed, and all contributors whose work has been accepted will be contacted at that time. Please do not contact Read Furiously to check on the status of your submission.
What We Don’t Want - Any stories that feature gratuitous violence and/or violence towards women or anything deemed racist, homophobic, or disrespectful will not be accepted. Also, any submissions that are not proofread or do not follow the above submission guidelines will not be accepted.

Please send submissions to anthology@readfuriously.com with the subject line “Furious Lit Submission.”

→ Poems, creative nonfiction, and short stories should be sent as a Word Document.

→ Comic and photographic/illustrated works should be sent as a single low res PDF file (high resolution files will be requested from those stories that are accepted). Please keep in mind that the printed book will be 5x8 inches, so all artwork must adhere to these dimensions.

Any additional questions please contact info@readfuriously.com

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