Benjamin and the Fish

Written by Adam Wilson
Art by Alex Schumacher

Adventure is just around the corner...

Or sometimes behind the bookshelf.

Now's your chance to join in all the excitement with this completely interactive comic book! Color the pages yourself, draw your own comic strips, and try your hands at some of the fun puzzles and games to help our heroes on their journey.

Each day, when Benjamin's owners head off to work, the lovable little ferret with the heart of gold, and his loyal companion, Mr. Fish - the dapperly dressed stuff mouse, explore all the wonders of their cozy apartment.

From the wild ocean under the sink, to the magical kingdom behind the bookself, join these two adventurers as they discover all the exciting worlds hidden where you'd least expect them.

In stores this Winter!

Can't wait till Winter? Pick up a special edition copy now, available only at The Furious Reader.

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