Thursday, August 4, 2016

Do You Book Freeze? Part 2

Once we figured out how many books we had, we began to consider the growing trend of participating in a "book freeze." For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, a "book freeze" or "book ban" is the decision, made by the reader, to abstain from purchasing books for a specific number of months. Some book freezes last a year or a few months, or some don't last at all (as The Odyssey Online delightfully pointed out).

BookRiot and Broke By Books offer a great start to readers hoping to begin and to survive their own book ban/freeze, and I found them to be the most helpful in my research. Collectively, the blogs and reader websites all share the same idea:
  • It is usually referred to as a "ban" or "freeze" 
  • Most participants stress the importance of having a library at your disposal (to fight those book buying urges and to keep your TBR in tact)
  • There is a strong emphasis on creating wishlists and cashing in on a reward after the ban/freeze
These are all great pieces of advice, but the amount of books that are before and the idea of "banning" or "freezing" my book buying leaves me to believe that we at Read Furiously can take this one step further. I like the idea of putting a stop to book buying in order to assess and to play catch-up with my TBR, but I feel the process can be more reflective than disciplinary.

Let's be honest - if I were to "ban" myself from buying books as though I did something wrong each time I bought a book, my book ban would look a little like this:

Beginning on August 1st, we at Read Furiously are entering what we wish to call a "Reader's Sabbatical." Similar to a book buying ban or freeze, we will not purchase a book for 3 months, ending the sabbatical on November 1st. We chose to rename our book buying ban or freeze by following in the footsteps of Marie Kondo's concept of "sparking joy." I am so proud of our book collection and I don't want to think we are entering this book buying ban to punish ourselves for loving books. Instead, I want to take these 3 months to finish my TBR pile and to consider what books bring us joy and what books can be donated or gifted to bring others joy. 

And so it begins, furious readers! Time to enter the "Reader's Sabbatical." Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been purchased (via midnight Potter party) and our reading lists have been created. Along with my usual posts, I will also keep you updated on our 3 months of bookshelf bonding.
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